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My name is Arturo, a TEFL and TESOL certified teacher with two degrees in advanced English and 4+ years of experience educating students. I am currently working as a freelance English and Spanish teacher. 

Teaching is my passion and hobby, so I am super lucky to have a job in education. 

I always try my best to make sure that my students are enjoying themselves while practicing and learning their target language. 
I aim to make my classes as fun and relaxing as possible. 

I enjoy being a teacher because I like helping people. I think teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs a person could do, especially when I get to see all of the amazing progress my students make!

I believe patience and the sincere desire for my students to learn is what characterizes my way of teaching. 
I have been working as a teacher for quite a bit already, and I can not wait to help you in your pursuit of learning a new language. 

HOw I can help you

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English/Spanish classes

One-to-one or pair lessons.

Online or in-person if you're located in Lima, Peru. 

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Homework help for schoolchildren

If your kid needs any help with English/Spanish homework. Additional explanations or corrections. 

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Preparation for school/university exams

Any kind of school/university English or Spanish exams.

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More about classes

My lessons are always lively, filled with enjoyable activities and most importantly my lessons are beneficial to my students. 

I use various teaching methodologies, props and interesting digital material, in accordance with needs/interests.

I incorporate conversation, reading, writing, and evaluation. 
I make use of Total Physical Response and Communicative Approach to better convey the knowledge to my student.

I am always polite to my students I am understanding, patient, and aware of how to talk to beginner students.
I pay attention to every detail in my academic environment.

If you have any further questions about my lessons, please ask me using the contact info below. I’d be happy to answer. 

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